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At Netic Health our mission is to help 100M people get back to and keep doing the sports they love. Built by a team of recreational & professional athletes, Netic Health supports athletes in their injury recovery, prevention and performance.

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Our crossover between Physical Therapy and Coaching makes Netic a one-stop-shop for all runners, whether you’re training for your next marathon and are afraid of getting injured, or you’re looking to get back into running but a current injury is holding you back. So far we have helped over 200 runners recover and reach their athletic goals.


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Our Internal Team

So far we have helped over 200 runners recover and reach their athletic goals.

Mathias Vissers MD

CEO, Co-Founder

He is a physician-scientist and athlete who spent the last 10 years working on movement kinematics, brain-computer interfaces and AI tools for stroke rehabilitation at KU Leuven UC Berkeley, UCSF and Harvard. Mathias is on a lifelong mission to make physical healthcare and rehabilitation more accessible and affordable to all types of people.
Favorite activities: Running, biking, electric skateboarding, building things, hiking

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Val Zinchenko

CTO, Co-Founder

TechnoKing at Netic. Software engineer with 15 years of experience in tech.  Ex Apple Senior Technologist. He is very excited about all the things we are doing at Netic for runners and hopes our customers get real value from our products and services.
Favorite activities: Running, cycling, swimming, traveling

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Evelyn Cools

Customer Success

As Netic’s “PT Cupid”, she’s here to find the perfect match between runners and their running-expert PT, and support the whole recovery journey along the way. Finding the right physical therapist has been instrumental for Evelyn as a trail runner and avid hiker, which is why she’s so passionate about helping runners & triathletes get back to the sports they love!
Favorite activities: running, hiking, camping, yoga, songwriting

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Our Lead Physical Therapists

Without them, you wouldn't be where you are today

Meghan Taff

Lead Physical Therapist, USAT-Certified Coach

Meghan is a physical therapist with experience in outpatient and inpatient orthopedics. As a USAT certified coach, she has been able to take patients from injury to finishing an Ironman. Meghan has a passion for endurance sports including open water swimming, Masters swimming, triathlons, marathons, and has participated in over 100 races in the past 15 years from 5Ks to Ironmans.
Favorite activities: Running, cycling, swimming, marathons, hiking

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Susan Nowell

Head of Clinic, Ironman Worlds & Clinician-Coach

Susan is an avid outdoor athlete. She has competed in multiple ultramarathons, marathons, and Ironman distance events, including Boston marathon in 2018. She is specialized in orthopedic physical therapy and sports medicine, and she practices in the Bay area.  She has been treating runners and athletes since 2008.  
Favorite activities: Running, cycling, swimming, Skiing, Rock-climbing

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Sam Hegedus

Physical Therapist, USAT level 1 coach, Triathlete

Sam graduated from Duquesne University with her DPT in 2018 and started working for an orthopedic private practice in Durham, NC. In addition to working in the clinic, she is Adjunct Faculty for Tufts University and has worked for Team USA as a travel physical therapist.
Favorite activities: Triathlon, Running, Swimming, Cycling

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Our Advisors

Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today

Catalina Daniels

CEO Special Olympics European Games (2014)

Catalina has been active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, first as an entrepreneur, later as an angel investor and coach. She sits on multiple boards and loves coaching young entrepreneurs. Catalina has always been socially engaged; she is a Board member at Special Olympics and was the CEO for the EU Summer Special Olympics in 2014.
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Anang Chockshi, PT

Lead new CPT codes & FDA Expert in digital PT

Executive team member responsible for clinical strategy and affairs, customer implementation and sales support. He is currently FDA Expert in digital physical therapy and digital health reimbursement.
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Lieven Maesschalck, PT

PT advisor to FC Real Madrid, Head PT of Belgian Soccer Team

Lieven is a world renowned sports physical therapist who works with athletes of all levels, from recreational level to Olympians, NFL and NBA players. In addition to his role as Head PT of the Belgian National Soccer Team, he is the PT Advisor to Real Madrid.

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Our Team

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